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I have made continuous attempts to various agencies in your country, and the State of California.   I have received 0 (zero) information.  I have continued to ask why your country has made county wide decisions regarding COVID-19 orders given.  I also like to know the "law" which is allowing discrimination to occur.  Discrimination is against the law, which seems perfectly fine.  I have requested information from your agency many times.  I was given information by Steve Praminger, which he assured me it would "take a little time"  But its been more than a month.  Your agency had 10 days to provide records.  And if you needed extensions you had time after that.  But your agency hasn't contacted me at all after Steve and I spoke.  

I wan't any and all information regarding COVID-19, you might have.  I want all information about anything Related to COVID-19.  I like information on your agency and other agencies within this Lawless County, to allow this militarized force of power.  This power, which is not enforcing civil rights, but is enforcing "Orders" which discriminates the public. 

I like any and all facts on how your public health agencies have made their decisions.  If they were told to do something and not asked I like to know this.  I like any and all proof, evidence, experiments, publications, publication dates, and any other such documents which were read and provided by your staff about this virus which is allowing this order to proceed.  I'm demanding hard facts.   I like any and all documents, if that wasn't clear enough. All types of data that exists.  I like "Documents, photos, emails, texts, videos, data and other records."

I need all this information from 10/1/2019 till now.  

I'm also adding to this, I like to know all the individuals, entities, etc. who have requested such documents.  I'm also requesting, how many of these entities, and/or individuals had their requests filled, the timeline in which it took, and the requests that were made.  I like to know all the individuals in your county who are responsible for the release of records.  I also like to know how many were denied records and the reason why.  I also like to know how common it is for your agency to remain in neglect.  And the individuals in charge of these neglects.  

From information about your specific agency and its employees (mentioned in the previous paragraph) , I like have dates range from 12/1/2015 of these data till now.  

Your agency, the agency which is responsible is in violation of California Law.  You are also in violation of the California Constitution which vests the police power to be given to each agency all the way down to your little department for Santa Clara County.  


June 29, 2020 via web


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June 29, 2020, 8:37pm
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June 29, 2020, 8:37pm
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June 29, 2020, 11:41am